Translate any Conversation into Any Other Language with QTranslate

QTranslate is an app which translates your text into any other language. This app is very useful for those who meet those people who don’t use English as a language to communicate. Sometimes they may not speak the same language as you do and then, communication becomes difficult. This app creates a bridge between two people with different backgrounds.


The app comes both in an installer as well as a portable version, the only difference other than the time taken for installation, being that the files will be saved in the default folder of the portable app rather than the Users/Documents folder. The app is simple enough to use. Just select the language in which you are typing in and the language to which you want to translate the text. Type in the text and click on the Translate button. Then the app will translate the text for you. You can even listen to an audio of the translated text by clicking on the icon present on the bottom right of the text panel. By clicking on it, the app will play an audio sample of the text that you have entered. The application supports the following translation services:

1. Google Translate

2. Microsoft Translator

3. Prompt Mobile

4. SDL

5. Yahoo! Babel Fish

Download Qtranslate.

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