Translate Blogs Feeds In 40 Languages Using FeedTranslate

Which service you use to convert one language to other? Probably your answer will be Google translate. Yes, it is great service but if you want to translate whole blog feed then copying and pasting each article manually in Google Translate will be a hassle. At this point FeedTranslate come in handy.

FeedTranslate is a free service which offers you to translate feeds in more than 40 languages. All you need to do is paste the feed address of your favorite blog and choose the language from the drop down. Hit the Translate button and it will immediately convert your feed in the selected language. Cool, isn’t it.


For example I typed the VIP feed address of my favorite blog Lifehacker. I translated the result in Hindi. Given below is the synopsis of the Hindi feed of Lifehacker. Similarly you can convert feed of any blog in any language using this tool.


The main feature of this tool is its simplicity. The conversion takes place in three easy steps. This tool is free to use and the interface is clutter free. Language includes Arabic, Chinese, Danish, English, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Polish , Romanian, Russian, etc.

Check out FeedTranslate.

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