True Caller: Know Everything You Want To Know About A Number

True Caller for iOS and Android is a new application developed by True Software Scandinavia AB which is a privately held company located in Stockholm, Sweden. True Caller aims to open up the face of any unknown caller to your mobile phone. It shows you who is calling before answering if the number is not saved in contacts. It is a mobile caller id in real time. This application updates your contacts with missing address information such as street, city, and zip code. It features mobile caller ID, social caller ID, caller ID+, call filter, update phone-book, SMS-popup, and tweet.

It has a big call filter database which takes in contributions from people all over the world. These people contribute to numbers which are either the useless telephone companies or any random people who are playing pranks on them. Now don’t be afraid of any random number calling you. You can pick u the phone after looking at their name and if u recognize them.  True caller has been awarded with much recognition worldwide for the development of this awesome application. It lets you build up  a complete database which would include any number. It also has a great feature to sync with facebook. All the contacts on facebook can now be synced to your mobile phone using this application.

True Caller is available for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia (Symbian), Windows Phone 7 and Windows Mobile smart phones. This is a potentially dangerous Application and does share your private data such as call logs and contacts.

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