Turkish Airlines Forced to make an Emergency Landing after a Bomb Scare

A Turkish Airlines flight, TK 15, flying from Istanbul to Sao Paolo in Brazil was forced to make an emergency landing after a not was found in the lavatory cabin of the aircraft with the word ‘Bomb’ written on it. The aircraft made an immediate landing at the Casablanca airport in Monaco, which is en route the flight path to Brazil. After landing, it has been reported that all the passengers have disembarked the aircraft safely and there has been no casualty of any sort. The press officer of the airline too confirmed the reports of the incident, though did maintain everything is safe. So far, the incident looks like another hoax scandal, just like the TK 53 airlines, which was flying from Istanbul to Tokyo and was forced to make an emergency landing.

The aircraft is currently being searched for the explosives, though according to the latest, nothing has been found. With several unwanted incidents in the past couple of years, including the ill-fated, Air Asia, Malaysian Airlines flights as well as the recent case of GermanWings plane, you can understand why an extra layer of cautiousness is being applied. However, if the two cases do end up being a hox and nothing more, you would hope that Turkish Airlines would get to the depth of the issue and find the culprit, cause we could do with no such incidents.

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