Turn Caps Lock Of Your Keyboard Into Windows Key

Few days back I ended up spilling some soda across my keyboard. To my surprise not everything stopped working, apart from the windows key on my keyboard. The windows key is probably one key i dont use too much thanks to the wonderful world of a mouse pointer, however, not having the option of the windows key meant that I went looking for it more. It must be something with human tendency to want something that is not available. And I am sure something like this must have happened with you too. So if you too have had a problem with the windows key, or bby any chance on an older machine do not have the windows key, then here is an interesting tutorial to help you map the caps lock key as the windows key. You can always use the shift key to substitute for caps lock.

One of the ways to do this would be by fiddling with directories. We do not recommend this as it may end up spoiling your system to a point of no recovery. So just follow the following steps:

1) Download Scanmapset from here.

2) Save the .exe file into ‘c:\temp folder’

3) Once done, open Command Prompt with administrator rights.

4) Change your working directory using cd commend to the temp folder where you saved the .exe file.

5) Run the following command as it is:

scanmapset.exe -s capslock=lwindows

6) Once executed, restart your PC and you are set.

This is an extremely easy way of remapping your keyboard to your convenience. Here is also the video tutorial for you to help you achieve the right results:

Via: Digital Inspiration


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