Turn your Android or iPhone to a Dual SIM device with this Cover

Most people you see around youself today carry two smartphones. usually, the ideal way of going about is, a primary smartphone with which you connect with everyone while the other one is your data hogging device with all the Syncing and E-Mail action happening. However, for some people, carrying two devices can be a bit of hassle. As a tech writer, I personally feel a little light when I am not carrying at least two devices, however, that is not the case with everyone.


As a result, in South Eastern Asian countries, Dual SIM devices have gained loads of traction. And some of the bigger manufacturers including HTC have come out with flagship devices which feature Dual SIMs. However, if you were left behind in the race and have already picked up a single SIM device and your professional commitments require you to carry two SIMs then an interesting accessory can actually convert your iPhone or Android smartphone to a dual SIM device.

Teleza is pushing out an accessory which, for $129.99 can add another couple of SIM slots to your device. Not just a house for your SIM card, Teleza can act as a remote control for the device’s camera which is a rather interesting solution for selfies. The accessory is scheduled to hit the market in full capacity starting January 2014. Check out how the device works in the video below:

Teleza Dual Sim Remote

Via: Teleza.com

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