Turn Your iPhone into Windows 7 Device With iWindows

Very honestly speaking, I would never switch from my beautiful IOS interface to that of a windows 7 one but there are many amongst us who are die hard windows fans. So this post and modifications are strictly for the users who find the Windows 7 layout intuitive. You can now change the layout of your iPhone to match your Windows 7 desktop.

iWindows is the application that lets you perform this wonderful modification. In fact it is an application found for free in Cydia which is perfectly capable of simulating Windows 7 on your iPhone. Since this requires Cydia, it is clear that you must be running a jailbroken device.

The application is still pretty much in the development phase and as a result there are many features that are in pipeline. For now though, you are presented with a Windows 7 like UI, an application similar to notepad for taking down your notes quick and Google Chrome. Even though this is nowhere near a perfect application, the potential is staggering. In a way this may open the doors for emulation of various other OS like UI’s on your iPhone or iPod.


For now though the limitations of this application, make it look more like a toy app than something serious. The UI is neat and clean but lacks most of the functionalities for you to switch to it permanently. However, it is a wonderful concept and one that has lots of potential.

[via: Addictive Tips].

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