Tweak Facebook Using FaceTweak Firefox Addon

Facebook is one of my favorite website (recently it added Facebook Groups) and I usually visit it many times a day. Though it comes with lots of amazing features but still the fans need some crazy tweaks . Theme, photo hover zoom, auto login, auto accept friend request and other such features are in the list.

FaceTweak is probably one of the most efficient Firefox addon that adds lots of flavors in your Facebook experience. It is easy to use and it comes with plenty of tweaks.

Install this addon in your Firefox browser (download link given at the end of this article).

Click on Tools –> FaceTweak-Options.


You’ll get an option box. There are four tabs present in the options panel: General, Social, Media, Styles. In each tab you’ll find plenty of tweaks. Let’s look them one by one

General Options

  • Auto-login to Facebook.
  • Adds smileys to the side of Facebook, just click on it to add it to your message.
  • Replace text smileys as graphics.
  • Facebook navigation menu remain ‘fixed’ to the top of the screen.
  • Bigger photos, better albums, download videos, show age, Google Calendar integration.


Social Options

  • Automatically accept all friend requests.
  • Automatically pokes back pokers listed on your home page.
  • Delete friends in bulk.
  • Denies all requests in one click.
  • Highlights birthdays on your home page
  • Adds quick invite links to various games (needs “Invites” option enabled)
  • Select all friends at once instead of having to do so one by one



Aero, Black & White, Dark-N-Grey, Dark Shiny Blue, Transparency, Dark Shiny Purple, Transparency, Dark Static, Transparency, Hello Kitty, Hot, Nalvin Style, Naruto, Pink, Pink Love Is Everything, Purple Hearts, Sky Background, Snowy Mountains, Stars, The Simpsons, Xbox 360 (green, white & orange), WINDOWS 7 Abstract, Windows 7 Black Edition.


Given below is the Aero Style Facebook. Similarly you can apply various other styles to change the look and feel of Facebook.


With plenty of available options, Facetweak enhances your Facebook experience. Are you going to replace Greasemonkey scripts and other Facebook enhancing Firefox addons with this one.

Download FaceTweak Firefox addon.

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