Twitter Announces a Fabric App to Keep Android Developers up to Date With Data Metrices

If you are an application developer, you sure must be going through sleepless nights thinking how is your application performing on the store. You are dead sure thinking what are the active users and if they are engaging with the application just the way you wanted them to or are they just not bothered? So far, to get this information you had to log on to your main machine and fire up Fabric, which is the company’s mobile development platform. 


Yesterday, Twitter announced the application for Android, which means if you have an Android phone and are developing using Twitter APIs, you will be able to monitor the analytics as well as the diagnostics of your application on the fly. Not just this, you can also check out the installs numbers if that is the sort of stuff that interests you. The application will give you real-time alerts with the device facing that so that you can troubleshoot in real time.

If you have more than one application, the Fabric app on Android allows you to control what notifications you receive so that you are always in control of how much information you receive from the app. Fabric app is free and available from Google Play to download from here.

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