Twitter Announces #Music Service

Seems like yet another rumor that we believed strongly in has come true. It was one of the worst kept secrets in the tech world that Twitter was working on a music service. If you look across your TL on Twitter, you would notice lots of people tweet about the songs they are listening to or like, and this is exactly what the new #music service from twitter takes advantage of.

Twitter Music

#Music has a web app as well as a dedicated iOS application currently but no word is out about an Android, BB or WP 8 application, however, we do expect the service to be released on these platforms oon too. Basically what the service does is that it collects information of the music that people you are following on twitter are tweeting about using the hash tag #NowPlaying.

So this way you will be able to discover new music  as well be linked to the profile of the artist of the music if they are on twitter. The previews are currently via iTunes while users with accounts on Spotify and Rdio will be able to listen to full tracks. So, it is a great way to discover new basic entirely based on your social network. However, the service is currently not available worldwide, only in US, UK, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia. You can visit the web app however, here

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