Twitter Announces Periscope- A Live Video Feed Broadcasting Service

Twitter has announced Periscope, in its quest to dethrone Meerkat which has made quite a splurge in the news recently cause of its ability to broadcast videos straight from your iPhone. The official service by Twitter basically allows you to see another world through the eyes of someone you follow or want to follow.


But unlike Meerkat, you will be able to see videos that anybody is broadcasting on Periscope, irrespective of the fact that you follow or do not follow them. There are generally three videos that are listed on top which are the featured video of the time you are browsing the app, and the rest of the videos then follow. You also get the number of users who are viewing the livestream at a time to gauge the popularity

You can obviously, like and comment on the video streams, which would allow the same to be used as a good live QnA tool for maybe some conferences etc. There is also an option to add your GPS location which will be visible as a small little dialogue box. You can also watch the stream once it has ended, though you cannot obviously interact with it. The service currently is available only for iOS though, the Android version should not be very far off now.


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