Twitter has tripled its Sign Ups: Thanks to iOS 5

Despite a rather disappointing launch of the iPhone 4S, iOS 5 has definitely been a rather welcome addition to the iOS family. People have welcomed it with open arms and despite it adding nothing but feats that would be deemed necessary, the beauty with which it has done so has been exemplary. It’s right to say, that it has been really successful.

One social networking site that has a plenty to thank to iOS 5 is Twitter. With seamless integration of Twitter in iOS 5, its usage has definitely grown a lot. According to the latest reports, about 25 million users are already using the iOS 5 and  have been really happy with its performances. Despite not being really interested in the functioning of twitter, the integration has forced people to use twitter and help them easily upload and share contents like links and images. Twitter CEO dick costolo confirmed that they have experienced three times sign ups post the launch of iOS5 than the normal. He rightly pointed out Apple o be the corporate mentors.

Twitter definitely has been a great addition o the iOS 5 as its only made for easier sharing on one of the very best social networking sites. The best thing about it is that it is extremely convenient and easy to use. So, if you are using iOS5 and have not signed up for twitter, go ahead and do it. And do not forget to follow me on twitter,the I’d is @av_10 and @blogtechnika

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