Twitter Rolls out a Feature Which will show you Highlights of what happened when you were Away

Twitter, the famous microblogging website has been iterating its services to make it more interesting and fun to browse. Recently we saw the platform introduce the ability to embed soundtracks into the link as well as the ability to directly shop with an interesting integration with Amazon. Now, Twitter is enabling a feature called, ‘While you were Away’ to selective users whereby, if you do not browse the application or timeline on the web for a while, you will see a curated list of tweets which will give you a quick snap of everything important that transpired on the timeline.


This feature is very similar to the News Feed that we have seen on the likes of Facebook already as only selected tweets from select users will be shown and not all. It is still not clear what will propel the selection of the highlights on your timeline, but you would believe it would be the tweets with maximum engagement of the users you interact the most with, which would feature.

Twitter has only rolled the feature out to select few users for now and it is expected the same would be out in the form of an app update as well as for the users who browse Twitter on the web soon.

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