Twitter Rolls out Real Time Notification on the Web

A very interesting comment on one of the social media platforms read, “Any update to the web version of Twitter is as useful as Ravi Shastri’s commentary to me given, that I always anyway access Twitter via the mobile app”. That is pretty much a sentiment echoed by so many of us. Given the number of free apps as well as paid ones that are available for Twitter with added features such as Tweetmarking, Muting, sharing etc, you can understand the reason why people would not use the bland and boring web version.

Twitter Web Notification

To change this and maybe attract more users to their Web service, Twitter has started rolling out some major changes. Apart from new profile design which features a very image centric interface with big typefont, Twitter has also added the feature where you can interact with notifications such as those that appear when you receive a mention, retweet or a favorite. These notifications are actually interactive, a bit like Facebook where you can reply to a Tweet or a DM directly from the received notification which is rather useful like we have seen in the notification received on Android smartphone.

You can obviously choose which notifications you wish to receive in the Settings page of the service. If you have not received the new profile design or notifications feature, just be patient as these are being rolled out in phases and will reach your profile soon.

(Image: TNW)

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