Twitter Testing a Massive Redesign with Photos at the Heart of it

Twitter has seen a massive growth in it’s user base in the past year or so. Thanks to the ease of usage, short learning curve and a plethora of diverse people, Twitter has gradually become the Social Network of choice of people who want quick sauce to stay on top of everything. Twitter of two years ago is vastly different from the Twitter of today and this is perhaps even more true for the Twitter app on Android and iOS. The desktop client recently got bit of a make over in terms of new colors being added by the the design b enlarge so far has remained constant.


However, it looks like that is set to change is Twitter is working on a massive redesign to it’s web services for the very first time. We cannot help but wonder if the inspiration behind the design is facebook given the vast similarities between the two. Not just that, there is also a strong indication that images will be the center of the story of this redesign and unlike the design right now where the images are shoved in one corner, the redesign will encourage the users to share more and more images.

It is not clear when this design will be released, but given that actually a fair few screenshots have been seen on the web, it may not be very long before we see the redeisgn live.

Via: Mashable

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