Two Android Wear Watches Available for Pre-Order in the Indian Google Play Store

Google announced its platform for the upcoming wearable devices almost a couple of months ago when it introduced the Android Wear. The first set of SDKs were made available immediately after the announcement and some more insights were offered at the Google I/O where the platform and the first watches running it were demo-ed. The first three Android wear devices will all be made by different OEMs with LG’s G Watch, Motorola Moto 360 and Samsung’s Gear Live all being a cause of plenty of excitement. Google also made the full SDK of Android Wear available at Google I/o indicating they are set to go full pelt from here on.

Android Wear

Google also announced that two of its three Android Wear devices, namely Samsung’s Gear Live and LG’s G Watch would be available on pre order starting immediately post the announcement. Surprisingly, Google has kept its word and the two devices have been made available in the Google Play Store in India as well. The two devices are stated to start shipping after the first week of July, around July 8th to be more precise.

The LG G Watch will be available for Rs 14,5000 and the Samsung Gear Live which is basically the Android Live version of Gear 2 is available for Rs 15,000. You can pre-order the device by paying for it right away and they will be shipped to your address when the stocks are available. If our experience with the Nexus 5 is anything to go by, the first set of deliveries will start happening around 9th of July.

You can order the Android Wear devices from the Google Play store in India here

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