Two Recommended Cydia Tweaks: BytaFont and TwitkaFly

We at Blogtechnika, are huge fan of Cydia, and time to time we recommend some amazing Cydia tweaks.  Adding value to those tweaks, I am going to add few more, check it out:

1) BytaFont : A good looking cydia tweak:

Are you one of those who is in love with your iphone but very bored with the way it looks? You must have downloaded several themes, but the end result , you are still bored with the look of your iphone. This application here, does nothing but changes the font of your device.

With BytaFont, You can either swap the font of the entire operating system or just some specific features of your device. Have a look for a better idea.


The best part, its FREE. All you need is cydia. Search for BytaFont and then just install it. As easy at it gets.

2) TwitkaFly: A twitter tweak:

This tweak is for those who love Twitter. Most of the users like to use Twitter on their smartphones. The Tweak which I am talking about right now, is a very practical and a very useful tweak if you are a twitter fan.

This tweak integrates seamlessly with your twitter application and extends the functionality of your default twitter application. The main feature of this tweak is ,you can do a “quick reply” to your twitter app push notifications. You can tweet directly from your springboard ,how cool is that ?? But of course with activator command. It is available on Cydia for just $1.99

Have a look


Since it integrates with your twitter application,you will need to download the official twitter app if you don’t have it already. And of course it is available free of cost on app store.

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