Typosaur.us is a Website that Tells you the Number of Spelling Errors on your Website

If you are in the business of creating websites or even writing or maintaining your own publication, the dreaded nightmare for you would be a spelling error. We are not to judgemental about them here at Blogtechnika, simply because of the fact that we usually keep our spell checks on and if it passes the same, we usually conclude that the thing must have been written pretty alright. However, in case you have a client delivery on the content, you cannot take chances with something as minute yet into the eye as a spelling. This is where Typosaur.us comes into the picture.


It is a very simple tool or a website, that basically tells you the number of spelling errors on your website as a measure of the quality of the content on your website. While the entire tool is still under construction, you can get the Google Chrome extension for the same.


The way the tool works is that you need to enter anything between one to 100 websites in the tool and it gives you an analysis of errors and the number of pages that it has scanned so that you can go ahead and change the errors. You can also tweet out the error picked and suggestions, just in case you would want to ask those on your Timeline for suggestions.

You can find more on the tool right here.

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