Uber Accepts Cash Payments in Bangalore and Delhi

A couple of weeks ago, Uber decided to roll back on one of its major USPs. The company, in order to make a mark in the Indian market and in order to cater to its needs and requirements uniquely, allowed for cash to be paid to the drivers instead of the usual route of deducting the ride fare from a third party wallet or directly from Debit or Credit Card. The first wave saw the option being rolled out only in a few cities in India as a test in the lukewarm waters, however gradually it looks like the feature will now be rolled out to more and more cities.


The first major set of cities to get cash payments in India happen to be Bangalore and new Delhi, where you can now pay for the ride via cash. It is important though, that you select mode of payment as cash before you book the ride, because if you have an active PayTM account or even a credit card details inserted and that is what the mode was so far, the application will automatically continue to take that until you specify it not to.

The feature of cash rides will be available both for Android and iOS devices and you will be able to get the same in Delhi and Bangalore with the latest update on your smartphone.

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