Uber Launches the Official App for Windows Phone

The popular cab rental service in India, Uber has announced its Windows Phone application. Uber has been in news a lot recently for revolutionizing the way cabs work. With their high end line of cars as well as the budget line recently launched under the umbrella of Uber X, the company has become a preferred service of a lot tech loving folks across the country.


The service already has a dedicated iOS and Android app that basically allows you to book your ride as well as track your ride and add cash to your account for a cashless travel experience. Not just this, you can also track the pricing in case you are confused which car to exactly order. The application on iOS and Android works brilliantly and it is no different on Windows Phone. As expected, the application has been tweaked to fit the Windows Phone design language and has all the features that the Android and iOS counterparts bring to the table.

The service currently can be used in cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai and Uber has plans to bring it around in more cities in the coming future. The application can be downloaded for absolutely free from the Windows Phone store here.

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