Uber Offers Developer APIs for easier Third Party Integration

In an attempt to make its services even more accessible and visible across, Uber, the cab hiring service has decided to make its API available to developers for free. Uber has been a massive hit, especially since its launch in India about three to four months ago and has been gradually expanding to newer cities with time. This move comes as no surprise for those who have been following the rapid steps that Uber is taking in order to win the market and make a name for itself.

Uber API

Using the API, the developers will be able to integrate Uber services into their own applications and be able to call the Uber API as and when required for things such as booking a cab ride, or displaying the pickup time etc. This would be really helpful for services such as Swarm which record your location and suggest you places based on your current location. Imagine, being able to book a cab right from the app you checkin to, for that matter, could there be a partnership between Facebook and Uber too? Who knows.

Uber has already partnered with the likes of OpenTable, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, and United Airlines in the USA and we could see a similar thing happen in India sooner rather than later especially with some of these partnerships offering some nifty discounts. The APIs are available currently for Android as well as iOS right here.


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