Ubuntu Mobile OS Shown Off Running On Galaxy Nexus

While everybody in the mobile world is busy choosing between Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8, two new Mobile OS have slowly crept up and are making quite a lot of news of late; Mozilla’s Firefox OS and Linux Ubuntu. Ubuntu has been turning loads of heads given how successful the OS was on desktops helping people who are stuck on slow Windows Machines. But Ubuntu for Android devices has been in development for quite a long time and recently full blown Linux Ubuntu environment could be seen running on Nexus 7.

Ubuntu OS

Ubuntu Mobile OS even though is raw, fills us with loads of excitement just like Blackberry OS 10. They are not only great to look at but look extremely ease to use unlike the first few releases of Android. However, at the moment the OS is laggy and pretty slow to response. Even though the OS was shown off at CES in Vegas, people were not allowed to touch it. We surely will have to wait for a long time still to see an exclusive device out of Ubuntu but the idea of running new OS on older Android devices is pretty interesting. Do not be too surprised if Linux follows the same route as they did with their desktop OS which allows the OS to run on any basic compatible hardware.

You can check out how the OS is in this short video.

What is your take on this OS? Are you interested and looking forward to it, or just happy with Android or iOS, do let us know in the section below or tweet in to me at @techverarp.

Via: Android Central

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