Ultimate Spider Man: Total Mayhem Review

Based on the famous comic character of our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man this game impresses from the word go. Although games based on superheroes are the most common types of games available but this one surely is way ahead of others and a must have for action game-lovers.

The plot is quite interesting and the game starts with our hero dealing with street thugs and robbers which seems to be a walk in the park for our guy. But as the levels progress we face the real bad guys of the comic world and the list is quite scary. The first major face off is between spider man and the infamous sandman in the heart of new York city. Then gradually the level of ferociousness increases as the battle rages on with Electro, Goblin, Doc Oc, Rhino, Venom etc etc. The game’s gradual build up is simple and presented in quite a brilliant way.

Now coming to the gameplay, there is a virtual stick on the left botom side of the screen for our hero to move around easily. On the right hand bottom side there are 3 action buttons(from top) viz –jump and web swing,  normal attack or the punch button and a web skill button which helps to perform a variety of fascinating skill moves.

Another button which frequently appears during combat is the spider sense button near the movement button. One needs to tap the button using quick reflexes to avoid sudden enemy attack and launch a dynamic counter-attack which is by far one of the most fascinating feature of this game. The game slips into a slo-mo and the sequences are worth experiencing.

A special symbol button which appears seldom with an exclamation is for rescuing hostages, flip switches and other time based functions.

The quick time events makes a blue spider symbol button pop up and one needs to drag it or slide it to perform some last minute moves.

A camera button also pops up during action which can be tapped to get pictures which are saved to the gallery for later view.

On the top of the screen along with the health meter and pause button another interesting meter called the ‘ultimate web combo’ is present which when full can be used to show a particularly fancy move and the bad guys bad time starts when this button is tapped. Spidey rotates at a high speed hitting the enemies surrounding him spontaneously and then a power surge which emerges from his body throwing the thugs around.

Throughout the game you need to collect spider orbs of green and red colours. The green ones restore health and the red ones provide skill points which can be used to upgrade spidey’s character. Artworks which appear at hidden places in the game can be collected to unlock arts.

Now some tips and tricks which will help you get through the tough levels-

  1. Always keep a keen eye for the spider sense button. Do not worry if you miss a few hits or punches which should have been dealt to the enemy. The spider sense has to be used to the fullest if you want to clear the levels. Without it you are dead meat in front of the super-villians. The evasive technique and counter-attack really helps.
  2. Be prepared to rescue hostages and collect the orbs which you get along the way. They help in the long run.
  3. Wait for the right time to use the all powerful web combo. Use it when you are in the centre and many thugs surround you or when facing a tough or a larger super-villian.
  4. Use the kicks and punches combo to quickly refill your web meter for the web combo.

Some of the screen shots that were taken during gameplay are shown below :-

The amazing graphics, smooth action scenes and the scintillating moves are capable of capturing even the attention of non-gamers. So go out there and save New York city from the super-villians!!

You can download the game from Apple Store here

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