UltraSearch Lets You Search Files & Folders on Windows Quickly

You all familiar with the native Windows 7 search tool. It is fast in comparison to other Windows OS because it works on indexing principle. But sometimes Windows fail to index few locations. Sometime ago we reviewed Everything that lets you search any file on your computer. We found a similar tool known as Ultrasearch which has similar functionality to Everything. It allows you to search any files on your computer quickly.

It search files as soon as you start typing any word in the search box. It searches files and folders on local NTFS drives. It doesn’t use a background process to build an index, but it works directly on the Master File Table (MFT) of the NTFS partitions. Additional information like file size and last change date will be shown for the listed files and the Explorer context menu is available inside UltraSearch.

You can exclude files, folders or file types by using filter. Also you can print or export search result as text, RTF, HTML, CSV and Excel file. In addition to this it also display path, size of file, last access and last change date. There is option to check or uncheck hard drive to include search results of a particular drive. It is also available in portable zip version.

Download UltraSearch to make your search faster on Windows PC.

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