(un)clrd Let’s You Browse The Web In Black And White

There are various tricks around that actually make little to absolutely no sense. for example, the other day somebody showed me how to create a batman sign on my chrome browser on Google using some sort of a code. I fail to understand the point of it, but I found myself running that same code at least two three times a week. It just simply works and is fun, usually things don’t need to make sense to be interesting. And if you need more such fun tweaks then we have one for you.

(un)clrd is an interesting add on to either Firefox or Google chrome that simply let’s you browse the entire web in black and white. It gives a very ancient and nostalgic sort of a feel to the web, sort of like how web would have looked say about fifty odd years ago when we lived in a world of black and white. This add on is fairly simple to use and really does a simple task and nothing really complicated.

It is like I said a fun add on and just another intuitive way to just see things around. It is not for a long run as you do not get the real feel as images and videos are all black and white. you just install the add on and then click it when you wish to use a black and white version of the inter web. The link to download the add on is as follows:

For Chrome and Firefox

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