Unfried Notify is a good way to keep tabs on who Unfriended you on Facebook

For some of us our Facebook friend list is one of the most important aspects of our existence. You hear countless arguments over why he added her or why she deleted him and yada yada around the whole concept of adding and deleting on Facebook. Needless to say, unfriending someone on Facebook is the perfect way of telling someone that they are no more needed in your life. But, Facebook does not have any inbuilt notification of the same unless you are the sorts who remembers his friend list count by heart. To help you keep a record though, an interesting Google Chrome extension Unfriend notify exists.

Unfriend Notify

The extension inconspicuously lives inside your Facebook profile when you add it to Chrome browser and run the site on it. As an additional help, it also delivers pop up push notifications in case someone happens to push you away from their friend list. The extension stores the data on your computer locally so there is no chance or rather less chance of someone stealing away some profile information.

The extension can be downloaded for free from the Chrome Web Store here. So, why wait? Go ahead and hunt down the friends who thought you did not deserve a space in their virtual friend zone thanks to Unfriend Notify!

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