Unit Converter For Android Lets You Convert Units Easily

If you are an Engineering student or even a science student, you must have sat there converting Kmph to mps or even feet to centimeter and juggled with various other units. It is indeed a very tedious task. Sometimes I do wonder to myself, how simple and easy this world would have been had there been just one standard unit for physical quantities, we all would have thought in the same unit and there would be no tedious conversions. Despite the standardization of SI, things are still pretty complicated. But if you are rocking an Android device, then this massive complication has just gotten so much easier with the help of Unit Converter.

Unit Converter is a free to download application from the Google Play Store for Android devices which does what it’s name says, i.e. easily helps you jump from one unit to its equivalent in another system. This is especially handy as the application can pretty much handle every unit possible, be it the units of area to a more complicated units of kinematic viscosity, this application has you well covered. Things work really well and the UI is very simple and the application really easy to use. It handles all the calculations easily and the results are really accurate, up to about 10 decimals in most cases. The walk around the application is pretty simple too, and clean interfaces mean you are good to go and convert units the moment you download the application.

The application has no ads despite being free which earns a massive thumbs up from us. There is also provision for currency converter and the application can be moved away to the SD card easily if you are running low on internal memory for your device. Things just work and they work well which is a big plus. There is no lag of any sort, at least that is how we felt playing with this application on our HTC One X.

You can download the application for free here. The application is compatible with Android Version 1.6+

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