Unofficial WhatsPlus For Android Take Whatsapp Experience To Another Level

WhatsApp has been our preferred messenger to quickly send across messages to colleagues since this wonderful Application was launched. It lets you talk across all the major platforms such as iOS, Android, Symbian and WP7. However, one slight on whatsapp is the fact that it can be incredibly boring to look at and all we can customize is the basic wallpaper on the chat screen. However, for our Android lovers, we have an amazing solution. Just like anything and everything on Android can be customized and changed around we have Whatsplus for whatsapp that totally themes and customizes whatsapp based on your needs.

This application is capable of doing all the following for you, which is in all honesty an incredible list:

“- ‘PLUS theme’ option added. Change icons and images distribution to make WhatsApp more functional
– Chat Bubbles color now can be changed
– Stock round chat bubbles can be changed to square ones
– Headers color option added too (for Chats, Contacts and Conversation screens)
– Added option to discard annoying update message when opening WhatsApp (for the ones who suffer of it)
– “online”, “typing” and “last seen…” MODs are back
– Added transparency control for bubbles in Chat screen
– Added color mod for status icons in Chat screen (clock, check and double-check icons)
– Now inside Conversation Colors, Header and Chat MODs sepparated for a better comprehension”

If you also want all the goodness of WhatsPlus and want to make your Whatsapp unique on Android devices, head over to XDA to download the apk here.

Via: XDA-developers

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