Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 5 Coming Soon?

Apple had definitely made life a lot difficult for the hackers and the dev team people who are responsible for development of Jailbreak. The usage of new hardware and tougher codes to crack is probably the reason why it has practically taken ages for the jailbreak to come out. And even though the jailbreak was apparently developed sooner, it was only tethered in nature. What it means is that if you switch your device off then the jailbreak would be deleted away and you will have to carry out the whole procedure again.

However, according to the latest developments, one of the hackers @pod2g has developed an untethered or permanent jailbreak for the I devices. This of course is not yet applicable for the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S so their users will have to wait a little bit longer. This is the tweet that was posted on the social networking site Twitter by pod2g:


The video being talked about in the tweet can be viewed here . The video clearly shows that the jailbreak is untethered as the device does not lose the Jailbreak when it is switched off and on so that is definitely a good news. However, the only stumbling block seem to be that most of the users have already upgraded to iOS 5.1 in the hope of better battery life and there is no news about an untethered jailbreak for it, but it is a given that most users would be ready to downgrade just to get the jailbreak!!

What do you have to say on the whole situation of Jailbreak? Do let us know.


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