Up Coffee for iPhone helps keep a track of your caffeine intake

As a generation,we are surviving on Caffeine. Be it in the form of coffee or Coke, just about everyone seems to consume plenty of Caffeine in our everyday life. A day without caffeine seems like not a day in fact. So what is going to control this obsession with caffeine when obviously our willpower will not?

Up Coffee

Step in Up Coffee, a newly launched application by Jawbone for iPhone. Jawbone has been well known player in the world of fitness tracker and it is no wonder that someone like them have come up with this useful application. The app is available for free to download from the iTune Store and we have added the link at the end of the post. Once you have downloaded the application and run it for the first time, you will have to punch in some personal details of yours for the app to calculate the caffeine effect in your body.

Once you have that setup, the application is all set to go. Every time you grab a cup of coffee or a drink that contains caffeine make sure to enter the details into the application, honestly. As long as you keep doing it, the app would be able to predict how long will caffeine remain in your system. If you have a Jawbone tracker, you would be able to receive interesting information such as the caffeine to sleep ratios which obviously will back the claim that higher the caffeine in your body, greater is your inability to sleep.

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