Use Fine Volume Control to Enhance Your Music Experience

With smart phones becoming the new hub of music it is imperative that we get the perfect sound and as many customizations as we can. The open source nature of Android is probably one reason why music experience on Android is always and ever improving experience. It was very widely believed that music experience on Android is slightly flat and lacks the equalizers and options. Another problem is the volume toggle as the default one increments by only standard amount.

This tweak on your phone replaces the standard volume bar with a circular dial which gives you full control over the volume of your system. The dial can be rotated by as little or large as you wish. It most definitely looks aesthetically way more appealing than the bar volume control.


Some of the features of this fantastic application are as stated by the developer:

  • A fancy volume dial (complete with glow) to use instead of repeatedly pressing the volume buttons.
  • A finer volume setting that effectively lets you go below 1 bar of volume by redirecting sound to the earpiece. speaker when you drop below the threshold marked on the slider.
  • Mute and disable buttons.
  • Dialog visual styles.

You must be running Android version 2.2+ for this app to work. It is absolutely free in the market place and to see the development page of the application and follow all the developments you can head over to xdadevelopers.

Download Finevolume Control.

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