Use Shortcuts to Increase your Typing Speed in Chrome with PopChrom

PopChrom is a nifty extension for Google Chrome that allows users to set predefined shortcuts for specific words that are used frequently to help increase the typing speed on the browser. It requires a simple install from the Chrome web store and then you can configure the words that you use often while typing on Chrome.

For example, if you type in ty, then press Ctrl+Space, PopChrom automatically detects the abbreviation you have set and types in the complete word i.e thank you. Simliarly, when you type in dept. and hit Ctrl+Space, then PopChrom types in department for you. So you will never have to type in the entire word every time. Just use the abbreviation and PopChrom will do the rest.

popchrom options

After installing the extension, go to tools-extensions on your browser. From here you can view all your installed extensions. Now under PopChrom, go to options and from there you can configure the words and their abbreviations. Add all the abbreviations you will need and save it. From then on, all you need to type is the shortcut that you have set and PopChrom will type in the complete word.

popchrom settings

Under the settings tab, you can configure various options for PopChrom like hiding the icon, enabling animations, sounds etc. You can change the shortcut used for substituting the word. The default command set is Ctrl+Space.

You can even configure the tool to type in the day’s date by just typing in date. For help with the shortcuts you can always refer to the help menu under options.

Download Popchrom.

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