Use Xmas Camera To Give Your Pictures The Feel Of Christmas Holiday Season on iPhone

As we slowly approach the end of the year, most of us are all set to pack our bags and head off for a short vacation or spend the Christmas and new years with our families and loved ones. The mood is just about being built up and last few days at work seem like such a long drag especially given the fact that most of us have worked round the year and as the time to laze off is coming nearer, the holidays are approaching, there is very little we can think apart from festivities. So we thought to set the mood right, we would introduce you to an application exclusive to the festivities of Christmas that would give your photos too a feel of the festival.

xmas camera

Xmas Camera on iPhone is the perfect application for you to personalize your images with Christmas stuff as you keenly await the arrival of Santa. You can add a Santa Beer to the picture or even Reindeer horns. There are a lot of in app purchases too of you want few more goodies to add on. You can take an image from your camera and add the effects or alternatively you can also add effects on existing pictures. Once you are done with personalizing you can share the image via Twitter, Facebook and other popular sharing methods. The application is relatively simple to use, and if you have used applications previously which exclusively add effects to images by the means of stamps, then this should be an easy ride.

This application is certainly a good way for you to even personalize your twitter image by adding the Christmas cap on the image. A lot of people seem to like personalizing their profile images to get into the mood of the festival, so now you do not really have to wear a cap and strike the perfect pose. This application can do that perfectly for you. This application is available only for those devices that are running iOS 6 and only on iPhones. So in case you are on iPad you will face the dreaded 2x button due to compatibility issues. Yet, the application, even though a little limited works well and does what it is supposed to smoothly.

You can download the application here.

Via: Redmondpie

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