Useful Guide to Samsung Galaxy Range of Devices

One of the toughest parts of Tech writing is keeping a check of the Samsung Galaxy devices. It has actually come to a point, where every morning I wake up and before starting to cover big tech stories, I check if any new Samsung Galaxy Device has been launched. And it is an odd feeling and I fear for my day when a new Samsung device is not in the news. If it becomes a real task for people like us who breathe technology, we can only imagine how difficult someone who is not that inclined and just uses the device to keep a track of these devices and know what are his options in case he wants to pick a Samsung Galaxy device.

It is a well known fact that Samsung Galaxy devices are both affordable and come in various sizes so that just about everyone has a device for themselves. As a result, we have found a very interesting guide for you where you can actually pluck out of the air the size of the device and find the corresponding Galaxy device.


As you can see, right from a 3 inch device to 10 inch, Samsung has you covered. And the best part is, most of these devices come with very decent performance.

Via: BGR

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