Users will be Able to Dial STD Numbers Without Prefix of 0

In the attempt to completely comply by the MNP policies set by TRAI, the telecom operators have begun rolling out an update where the users will be now able to make STD calls from their mobile device without having to include the prefix of +91 or 0. The update has now started rolling out and it has been reported that the users on the network of Airtel from Maharashtra and Delhi are already experiencing this as calls are going through without the need of 0 or +91, which has certainly simplified calling and enhanced the entire experience.

STD calling India

On the contrary, Vodafone users are still struggling and have to continue adding 0 or +91 before they can make STD calls which kind of clarifies that the plans are being rolled out slowly region as well as carrier wise. However, according to the deadline given by TRAI, by July timeframe all the telecom operators would have to comply by the complete MNP policy which basically is adhering to the fact that there should be no differentiation between local and STD calls.

Another major change that we can expect after the rollout is that you would be able to port numbers not just in your local circle, but also inter circle, anywhere across the number.

How excited are you about the implementation of the entire MNP policy? Let us know in the section below.

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