Verbs: An all in One IM Client For Your iPhone

Communication today has become the lifeline of the life we live. Being the overly social being that man has become, the modes of communication have also evolved as man has. Today probably talking on the phone is not the most preferred style of communication as people are usually busy with their lives. As a result texting and IM are the best and most popular ways of communicating. And iPhone 4 being described as the best internet Communicator by the Apple CEO Steve Jobs, is used extensively to IM and text.


But we all know, there are a lot of IM services out there, like windows live messenger, yahoo IM, Gtalk, and a lot more, so in this case we need one IM client that would bring them all under one roof. For heavy IM users Verbs is the best possible client out there.

Verbs, seamlessly integrates Gtalk, AIM and Mobile Me under one roof and with recent updates is even more amazing.


Some of the features which make this IM client even more amazing are:

  • Enable Push Notifications and stay logged in for up to 7 days, available through simple in-app purchase (Verbs Pro).
  • The text entry field in the chat grows with text.
  • Send chat logs via email.
  • Send links in received messages to Instapaper for reading later.
  • Horizontal swipe action in the chat view to switch between chats.
  • Tap and hold the unified accounts cell to sign in/out of all accounts.
  • Pinch gesture to zoom out a conversation.
  • Faster buddy list scrolling.
  • Now displays AIM buddies “Mobile” status with blue icon.
  • Shows buddy presence above the chat previews.
  • Fixed the delay when the buddy list favorite header is tapped.
  • Resets the keyboard to display alphabets after sending a message.
  • Fixed issues with uploading pictures taken from camera.
  • Bug fixes and better memory management.

That is an amazing list of features and with notifications so well integrated, Verbs is a wonderful pick up from the App Store. It can be found for a price of$2.99 which certainly is very reasonable.

Download Verbs. for the Apple Appstore.

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