Verizon Galaxy Nexus Delayed

The launch of the most awaited phone of the year 2011 has been delayed in the U.S as Verizon didn’t show up with Galaxy Nexus on December 9th. Although there were rumors in the market that Verizon will be coming up with Galaxy Nexus on 9th, Verizon was silent and the phone wasn’t launched today. Now rumors are circulating that Verizon will be coming up with Galaxy Nexus on 13th December and but even this date hasn’t been confirmed by an official statement. We don’t know why Verizon is taking so much of time but these delays are adding up to the excitement for the product as there are a large number of consumers geared up to buy the device.


Reports also suggest that each Verizon store will be receiving a shipment of at least 15 pieces of Galaxy Nexus and there’s a leaked document courtesy Droid-Life showing that the first day of sales might be 13th December. We still don’t know if Verizon will show up with Galaxy Nexus on 13th but people are desperately waiting to get their hands on the only device that currently runs Android Ice-cream Sandwich.

Here’s the leaked image from Droid life:


Not only Ice-cream Sandwich, Galaxy Nexus’s High definition 1280×720 Super AMLED display and a mammoth 4.65 inch screen is also a reason people are looking forward to it. With Apple failing to provide any substantial update to its iPhone, Galaxy Nexus is certainly the device to beat. It will also support 4G LTE and will be priced at $299 on contract.
For now, all you can do is to wait for Verizon to come up with the device.

[via Techieinsider].

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