Vibration Notifier Never Lets You Miss Any Important Calls or SMS [Android App]

It happens most of the time that you miss important calls or SMS when you left your phone on another room or when you are away with your phone. If you are Android user then you don’t need to worry about that because there is an awesome application known as Vibration Notifier that tracks your miss calls and notifies you via vibration alert whenever you don’t pick your call, receive your messages, emails etc.

Here’s how it works according to developer:

When you have a missed call or an unread SMS, the app keeps vibrating every X minutes for Y times or until you turn on the display of your device.


As you see in the above screenshot, it will vibrate on your calls, SMS, Gmail as well as K-9 Mail. It gives you option to select one or more options. You can set the vibration snooze time and number of times your phone vibrates to notify you. It keeps on notify you until you don’t on the light of your screen. These features provide great flexibility to users to select the features.

Download Vibration Notifier.

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  1. Good post Himanshu, Informative ! but how would it possibly notify a user if the phone is not wrapped on to his body – through vibration? Am i missing something here?

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