[Video] Watch Stephen Elop Throw An Interviewer’s iPhone Away

Stephen Elop, the CEO of Nokia threw away an iPhone of an interviewer and called it embarrassing on stage. The news should come as no shock to those who have followed Elop as is one of the few people in the mobile industry who wear their hearts on sleeve. Stephen dodged the questions repeatedly fired at him regarding the alleged Nokia Lumia 928, an exclusive Lumia device with metal body instead of the regular polycarbonate one.


The Lumia 928 has been in rumors for a very long time, but it seemed like Elop was strictly watching what he says and made sure not to give away any of the strategies for the upcoming models. Despite numerous attempts by the interviewer, Elop maintained a strict stance and eventually when the interviewer showed off his iPhone and said he would like a Lumia but only 928, then Elop threw the iPhone away and promised him to replace his iPhone with a Lumia device. Which one? Well, again no comments there.

You can watch the entire video here, a nice tongue in cheek moment in the heated serious world of technology. No wonder why we love people like Stephen Elop and Steve Ballmer much more than some of the other expressionless chiefs in the Mobile market.

Will you throw away your iPhone for a Lumia 928? Do let us know your views in the section below.

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