Videos on Vine see a Sharp Decline as Instagram Videos become Popular

The headline should come as no surprise for those who have followed the recent happening of the tech world. In case you did not know, Instagram has added the feature to allow users to share videos just like images in the past week. Here is our coverage of the same in case you missed it out. However, given the established nature of Instagram as a network and a community, it always was very clear that a lot of users would be migrating from Vine to Instagram simply because they already were using Instagram as a choice for sharing images.


However, according to Marketlandthe share of videos via Vine has seen a drastic drop, much more than anything we had originally expected. It is pretty clear that Vine has to come up with unique features of its own and real fast if it has to prevent this spiral. The beginning of this may well be that Vine now allows users to use the front camera of their devices to record videos. yes, be prepared for loads of selfies. Sadly though, Instagram has already had this feature so it is no big deal.

You can check out the fall in numbers in the graph above clearly. We ourselves have moved to delete Vine app from both our iOS and Android device. Let’s hope there are more features on the way, till then Instagram wins.

Via: The Verge

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