View Your Playlists In Full Screen With Slag-FS

Slag-FS is a music player gadget for Windows that allows users to view their playlists in full screen so that they can see what is playing from a distance. This software is particularly useful on large monitors and LCD’s where users like to play music for an audience. Users can control their music from a distance and it is not required to go near the desktop to change the songs again and again.

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Slag-FS Music Player is a simple gadget for Windows which manages your playlists and displays it in full screen so that users can view the songs that are playing from a distance. This gadget offers many options that will help in making your music listening experience much more easier. Click on the options button to configure the settings for the player. From there,

1. You can choose your playlists from the list. Slag-FS detects the playlists that you have created on your computer and automatically adds them to this option. So you will not have to look anywhere else to add your music.

2. You can change the way the cover art changes after each song. There is a wide variety of transition effects to choose from to give the player a more smoother look.

3. Users can adjust the full screen settings. Either let the application detect your screen resolution automatically or you can specify the resolution to which you want the full screen interface to be displayed.

4. Increase or decrease the size of the text displayed on the interface. To do this, enter a percent value in the box for Text Size Adjustment.

5. Set a specific color for the artist display.

This app can come in handy for users using large displays and would like to control their playlist from a distance.

Download Slag-FS Music Player

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