ViewSonic Shows Off A 21.5 Inch Android Tablet

This is really taking the tablet world to a whole new level. A level very close to the television level I suppose. ViewSonic has shown off a 21.5 inch monstrous tablet at Computex 2012. Yes you read the screen dimensions absolutely correctly. The mammoth tablet boasts a screen of resolution 1920 x 1080 with HD anti glare display. Once you can get your head around that screen size, the tablet has pretty good internals too.

The device packs a powerful dual core ARM Cortex Processor with 1 GB of RAM on board. The tablet has the ability to stand alone on a table or a desk which seems just about the right way to do it since its obvious nobody would carry it around or keep it on their laps. You are basically talking of double the size of the iPad or around the size of the smallest desktop monitors. The device does have Wi-Fi and bluetooth built in for all your data needs and also has a micro sd card extension that can add upto about 32 GB of storage.  There is a front facing camera of 1.2 MP on board too to let you make skype calls and use other VOIP services. ViewSonic also showed off a very similar dimension-ed Windows 8 Tablet which definitely shows that they are serious about these sizes of devices. The tablet is priced at about $479, about $20 cheaper than the new iPad which is definitely an interesting way of looking at things.

How well the tablet will do is just about anybody’s guess since we saw how well the Galaxy Note did despite everyone saying that it is too big top be called a smartphone. So we would definitely reserve our judgeship until we have seen the device to make a comment how well this would do in the market. What are your views about this gigantic tablet? Do let us know in the comments section below.

Via: technobuffalo

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