Vine Coming Soon on Android

If you have been eyeing the iPhone of your friend just because he is able to make a 3 second clip of any interesting situation he finds himself and post it on Twitter for everyone to go gaga about and hate your Droid device for not letting you do it, then maybe we have some good news for you. Vine, a popular app which has been an iOS exclusive so far is soon coming soon on Android devices. Vine lets you record a 3 second clip and share it among your friend circle or social networking sites.


Vine told The Verge that it soon plans to roll the application out for Android users however, did not really put on a time scale on when exactly that would happen. It is fairly baffling though, despite having pretty much an equal consumer base why companies often decide to neglect one mobile platform for the other. A launch on all the popular platforms will only be beneficial to them. The company also told, they will roll out an update for the iOS users so that they can tag their friends in the vid too.

This update has already been sent to Apple and awaiting an approval. it would definitely be interesting when the app launches on Android and maybe that would be when Vine takes off truly.


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