Vine Flow Lets You Watch Vine Videos On Android Smart Phone

Vine is the hottest application on the planet at the moment. If you have not heard about Vine chances are you have not been following the world of tech in the past fifteen or so days. It is so far an iOS application that let’s you share videos with your friends just like you can use Instagram for sharing images. The catch is, these videos are 6 seconds long and can be shared via your social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Vine is not out for Android yet which is pretty surprising seeing how close Android has run down the competition with iOS. Also given that Android market share is rapidly out pacing iOS, Vine should be very soon available on Android too.

Vine Flow

However, till that does happen, users of Android devices can watch some of these videos uploaded to Vine. Vine Flow is an application available free for download from Google Play Store that simply lets you see these videos without being able to upload videos to the app. The app is very simple and shuffles the videos so you can get a hang of what the application is. The database of the application is not very huge as we did find quite a lot of videos repeat. However, this database could broaden as more and more people use the application. The application has a very basic and simple UI and an explore function that lets you view videos regarding a hash tag. This is indeed a nice little feature as there is not much else to customize or play around in the application. However, pretty often we could not discover videos on Vine, for example a video we had uploaded with a hash tag of #MUFC did not appear when we searched in Vine Flow. So the search function is a bit hit and miss as it mostly lists the most recent uploads.

You too can download the application from play store for free here. You would need Android version 3.0 plus to run Vine Flow.

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