Vine For Chrome Lets You Browse Your Vine Timeline on Chrome

Vine has been one of the most popular apps across Mobile Platforms. It recently was announced for Windows Phone and has become of the best ways to take content viral. Some of the Social Media campaigns in the recent past have seen Vine being used as a central content creator and no wonder, with the simplicity of the app, Vine has been a huge hit. However, one major drawback of the app has been its lack of a website where you can search or play your Vines. You can definitely watch the vines within Twitter Timeline but that is about all.

Vine for Chrome

However, if you are a Chrome user, then you know just about everything has a workaround. So does this problem with Vine. You can install an extension called Vine for Chrome for free and watch all the Vine content on your desktop. So, in case you do not have an Android or iOS or even a Windows Phone, you can check your Vine Timeline right from the browser. You can do just about everything with the extension, such as like the Vine, comment, follow your friends or even pick the URL.

The extension works really well and is a good solution till Vine releases something official for the desktop. You can download Vine for Chrome for free from the Chrome Store here

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