Vine is Quickly becoming an important tool in amplifying the brand names Digitally

Vine was introduced in January to the mad tech verse and since then it has become bit of a rage. Easy to use, easy to share and easy to view, thanks to the shorter size, given we all suffer from ‘my 3G bill is going through the roof’ disease, are some of the reasons why Vine as a platform has flourished. It is a wonderful way to converge the offline activities online while putting across the message clearer than only a picture would have.

As more and more brands jump to the bandwagon of Vine and base their campaigns around it, there have been several that are already riding high on the wave. I was fortunate enough to be part of a campaign run by CitiBank where we used Vine and alternate platforms extensively. So which exactly are the brands that are using Vine and how? Here is an interesting infographic to tell you, why exactly Vine may well be the next big thing as far as amplifying your brand on Digital platform is concerned.

Vine- Infographic

Via: The7thChamber

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