Vine Now Available for Windows Phone with Live Tile Integration

The six second video phenomenon is set to go viral on another popular platform, as Vine finally makes way to Windows Phone App Store. There had been mummers that Windows Phone would finally get Vine and Instagram before the year runs out and looks like this is one place where Vine has beaten its competitor.


Vine has been a real hit across platforms such as iOS and Android as an app to create and share short videos and has been one of the vital apps missing on Windows Phone Store. Although decent third party apps were available, nothing beats having the official app. The Vine app on Windows Phone platform, just like that on iOS and Android is free of cost.

The app functions exactly the same where users can tap on the screen to record and move hands off to pause. You have the added features to pin to start screen various accounts as well as integrated live tile which is a prominent Windows Phone 8 feature. You still have the same explore mode and you will find things very familiar if you have used Vine on iOS and Android.

You can download the app for free from your App Store.

Via: Vine

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