Virtual Kiss Transmission Device Lets You Send Kisses Virtually


In the modern world where every other thing is now digitalized, what’s next in the queue???

Well the physical notebooks are now notepad files on the PC, calendars are maintained in the cell phones, post its which were common reminders can now virtually be placed on your desktop, the big robust alarm clock is now built in your phones or tablets etc. The last thing we need, well at least on personal preference is human touch to be digitalized. But, seems like the Japanese have explored a never heard before avenue in gadgets by creating the very first kiss transmission device.

Here is this revolutionary (at least for some) device in action:

That’s right, what you just saw is indeed a device that can transfer a kiss. It is a good guess that the plastic tube is connected to some sort of a motor that is attached to your computer and a similar arrangement is made at the recipient’s end.

To look at it from a positive perspective, development of such devices may enable things like giving medical attention to people immediately via the computer and it could indeed prove very useful for a nation like India.

So what do you think of this? A pure laughable invention or one that could open floodgates to devices that could potentially make a great deal of a difference to humans, do let us know in your comments.

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