Visidon Applock is a Brilliant Face Recognition Lock Application for Your Android Phone

Security is probably one thing we love about Android. However, there are times when we have applications on your phone and we do not really want people who pick our phones to just explore those. There are plenty of applications out there that let you attach a password to the app so you have to enter it before you can access it.


However, Visidon Applock takes the locking on totally another level. It basically unlocks the application with face detection. So far this was more like a concept of movies where the phone would be unlocked only by the real user. However, with with this app, only the rightful owner could unlock the apps when his face is recognized. Though the basic requirement of the application is the front facing camera which is used to detect the face and unlock the phone.

This application is available for free in the Android Market Place. So pick it up before it gets paid.


Here is a brief description of this wonderful app from the Market Place:

  • Protects your Android phone with facial recognition.
  • Also protects applications such as SMS, Gallery, Email etc. on your phone.
  • It uses front camera of your mobile to recognize your face.

Check out the app in action:

Also if you are an iPhone user, you can check out a nifty lock application for it known as iLock.

Download Visidon AppLock

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