Visual Hashing Makes Wrong Username Password Probability Low

Visual Hashing is an extension available for both the Google Chrome as well as the Firefox browser that displays a 4 color visual hash around the password that you type. This visual hash will change from time to time but soon enough, you will get used to it and understand how it works so you will never mistype your password again.

visual hashing

Visual Hashing is an extension that is available on both the Chrome as well as the Firefox browsers. This extension can come quite in handy when you are in a hurry and end up typing the wrong password again and again. This can be quite annoying. Visual Hashing can help you there. When you type the right password, the Visual Hashing extension displays 4 colors that are equally spaced. But if by any chance you type in the wrong passwords, you will see that the colors are off and you will notice immediately that you have typed the wrong characters and can correct it instantly rather than getting an annoying message from the website that you have type the password wrong. You can think of the hash as being sort of like your password’s “fingerprint”. Over time, you will remember the colors associated with the characters you type and you can then be sure that you have type he correct password every time.

Download Visual Hashing for Mozilla Firefox

Download Visual Hashing for Chrome

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